Lyme Disease Treatment in the Washington Metro Area

Lyme disease is one of many naturally occurring diseases transmitted by the bite of ticks carrying the Borrelia type of bacteria. When an infected tick bites and latches on, it releases the bacteria into the host, spreading the disease throughout the body. People with Lyme disease are most commonly individuals who spend time outdoors, live in wooded mountain areas, or do a lot of hiking and camping in undeveloped areas. Functional Medicine for Families and Gynecology provides Lyme disease treatment in the Washington metro area.
Woman With Muscle Pain

Early Signs of Lyme Disease

• Chills
• Fatigue
• Fever
• Headache
• Muscle and Joint Aches
• Swollen Lymph Nodes
• Rash (Sometimes Shaped Like a Bull’s Eye)

Schedule a Treatment

Contact your doctor if you are experiencing Lyme disease symptoms, especially if you notice a bull’s eye rash or suddenly developed knee pain and swelling without any previous injury or arthritis. Delaying treatment may result in more serious neurological symptoms that can be difficult to cure.