“I am 53 and had suffered for several years with mysterious all-over pain. I had been to numerous specialists, from neurologists to orthopedists to arthritis specialist. I tired everything, drugs to injections. I was miserable and nothing cured me. I was in pain always. My GP told me I just needed a “vacation.” Dr. Hart right away suspected lymes (even though I had had numerous tests before and tested negative). He got me the correct test, confirmation, and the right treatment. He also did a blood workup and suggested diet and supplement changes to help me with my hot flashes, high blood pressure and pre-diabetic condition. He recommended I go to orthopedist to address my lingering leg pain. I ended up having my hip replaced, I am Lymes free, gluten free, over 20 pounds lighter and PAIN FREE. I mostly like that Dr. Hart takes the time to listen to you (not 10 minutes but as much as an hour when needed), he prescribes medicines (non synthetic) and supplements to help you be healthy. I highly recommend him and thank him for my present happy healthy state.”
- Diane H.
“Dr. Hart provides quality healthcare service in a caring and professional manner. During my office visits with him, he listened carefully, asked me many questions, and provided beneficial resources for me to read during my illness. My personal recovery took 12+ months. Dr. Hart and his courteous, caring staff were always available when I needed them to answer questions, renew prescriptions or offer guidance when needed. Dr. Hart set the proper healing protocol for me and helped me get through it. His caring personality and his experienced medical background were the right fit for me. Since seeing Dr. Hart, I have a better understanding of my illness and the ways to conquer it. I am so much healthier; pain-free; have more energy, and I eat a much healthier diet. I have learned from Dr. Hart that many times we “overwork” our bodies and don’t properly refuel them or let them rest properly. Now that I practice his suggested concepts on a daily basis, my body has healed, my immune system is much stronger and I am healthier overall. I am thankful for his professional and caring guidance through my personal illness and recovery.”
- Linda V.
“I have been a patient of Dr. Hart since 2006 and cannot express what a gift he has been to me. One of the things which I value the most is how he practices the whole body approach while trying to find the root cause, rather than just treat the symptoms. He is very open minded and has a good handle on the importance of a healthy gut, detoxification, proper nutrition, balanced hormones….just to name a few. He is also an exceptionally good listener and is great with extracting the necessary information to properly treat me. I live in Upstate NY and go all the way down to Virginia to see him because it is very difficult to find someone like him where I live. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Dr. Hart for so many things but especially after many many years of constant health challenges, he is the one who diagnosed my Lyme Disease.”
- Kathy S.